What should my child wear?

For girls, if they have a leotard that is great. If not, some shorts or leggings that fit well and stretch will work with a fitted shirt. They should also have hair pulled back and no jewelry. For boys, shorts or pants that are well fitted and not too long as well as a fitted shirt or a shirt tucked in. Long hair needs to be pulled back. No hats or jewelry please. Masks may be required to be determined at time of camp.

What do I need to Bring?

You will need to send your child with:

  • A water bottle (This can be refilled at the gym.)
  • A lunch and snack
  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for gymnastics
  • Any special needs supplies your child might need ie: Insulin, epi pen etc…
  • A backpack to keep their things in, with their name on it.