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Gymcats Workshops

Flip Flop Shop

Gymcats Members and Friends
The clinics are for boys and girls ages 5 & up and is recommended for beginners, cheerleaders, tumblers, and up through level 4 gymnasts.

There will tons of spotting by our best coaches!!! We look forward to helping you get that back-handspring!

Usually the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6:45-8:00pm

The back handspring is the fundamental skill for harder tumbling. It’s never too early or too late to work on this skill for increased strength, and technique for improved tumbling.

In these seminars – students will be actively working on all aspects of the back handspring, including the jump, the support phase and the snap down. The student to teacher ratio is even better than our regular classes – 5:1!

Flip Flop Shop

$25/per child
Boys & Girls 5 and Up
recommended for beginners, cheerleaders, tumblers